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It’s all in the new eBook, Start with a Profit. Learn from small business geniuses: Alison Ball, Sharada Bhansali, Randy Johnston, Ed Kless, Sandi Leyva, Monika Miles, Clayton Oates, Edi Osborne, Leslie Shiner, Doug Sleeter, Sandra Wiley, Geni Whitehouse, and Scott Zarret.

Editor Sandi Leyva asks each thought leader: “For someone who wants to start a new business from scratch today, what is the most important strategy or tactic you’d tell them about to help them succeed?”

The result is a collection of best practice tips (and warnings!) that you can incorporate into your business immediately, whether you’re a new entrepreneur or a seasoned veteran.

Alison BallSharada BhansaliRandy JohnstonEd KlessMonika MilesClayton Oates
 Edi OsborneLeslie Shiner Doug SleeterSandra WileyGeniScott Zarret

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